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Architectural Change Committee

Architectural Change Committee (AChC)

Below is a quick reference of "What & When" must the AChC be contacted for changes:

No AChC Approval Required AChC Approval Required
Removing Leaves External Renovations / Additions
Cutting Grass Pool / Hot Tub additions
Trimming Shrubs and Bushes Driveway Repairs
Trimming Trees - may not remove branches above 50%of height Tree Removal
Exterior Painting of the same color Exterior painting involving a color change
Planting and Removal of flowering annuals Fence additions - excluding invisible fences
Spreading of Mulch Solar panel additions
Spreading of Pine Needles Deck additions / modifications
Shrub and Brush removal and planting in existing beds Changes involving septic system (these require TCW review and approval)
  Hardscape Changes

See documents below for 
additional information...

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